Meet Flook, an extraordinary Coffee Latte Artist, and the current U.S. Latte Art Champion. I collaborated with attorney, Daven Gandhi, on this case to get Flook his O-1 Visa. In an RFE, USCIS questioned the artistic skill and technical ability of a Coffee Latte Artist and the prestige of Flook’s international awards. We successfully established that it requires an extremely gifted person to create the kind of magic Flook creates with coffee and milk!

Flook also had a challenging visa interview in Thailand. The officer struggled to grasp why latte art was considered extraordinary and wouldn’t approve the visa. However, Flook needed to return to the U.S. immediately for another competition. We advised him on lawful options, he returned to the U.S. and won the competition. He then got the O-1 Visa from another consulate. Flook’s case shows the importance of having an attorney while petitioning based on talent in a niche field, to make your unique art, skill, and recognition evident to get that O-1 approval!

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