Did you know that when you have a US citizenship, you can bring certain family members from abroad to live in the country with you? The Immigration Law allows you to carry out the necessary procedures so that some of your relatives can travel to the United States and receive permanent residence in the country (Green Card).

For this, you simply must carry out the appropriate procedure according to the relationship you have with that relative, in addition to meeting the eligibility requirements established by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to finally have the opportunity to reunite with your loved ones in the USA.

With the help of our Family Immigration Lawyer, you will have the opportunity to know very well the process that applies to your relative’s application in the United States, and thus be sure to follow the proper process without any issues that could complicate your case.

Schedule an appointment now and let’s start working together on your relative’s journey to obtain permanent residence in the United States.

What must I do to grant permanent residence to a relative in the USA?

With a US citizenship, you may have the opportunity to apply for multiple members of your immediate family, as long as you complete the appropriate application process with the appropriate form based on the type of relationship you share with your relative.

The requirements are different for each case, so it is important that you first identify what type of procedure you will carry out, depending on the type of relative you are looking to bring to live with you in the United States, that is, if it is your parents, children, spouse or siblings.

What relatives can I request as a United States citizens?

As established by the Immigration Law, if you have a citizenship in the United States, you may have the opportunity to request the citizenship of relatives such as:

  •         Spouse
  •         Children (unmarried and under 21)
  •         Sons and daughters (married and/or 21 or over)
  •         Parents, if you are 21 or over
  •         Siblings, if you are 21 or over
  •         A fiancé(e) residing outside the United States and children of fiancé(e) under 21
  •         Spouse
  •         Children of spouse (unmarried and under 21)

Keep in mind that each family application case is different, so it is important that you have the advice of a good Family Immigration Lawyer, who allows you to know each of the processes that you must follow to meet the requirements that correspond according to the relationship to share with your family.

Benefits that you can grant to your foreign relatives as a U.S. citizen

As we mentioned before, depending on the type of relative you want to bring to live in the United States, you can grant different benefits to your relative in the country, so that they can finally travel and join you, either temporarily or permanently.

In general, the benefits that you can grant to your relatives as a U.S. citizen, according to the Immigration Law, are as follows:


Our Family Immigration Lawyer can make that family reunion a reality

In order for your family member to be able to travel to the United States with all their papers in order and join you, legally and without any problems with the immigration authorities, it is important that you make sure that you follow the proper process as established by the USCIS regulations.

Our Family Immigration Lawyer can help you complete the processes that are necessary to make that family reunion that you want so much come true. Schedule an appointment now, so together, we can start working so that the distance between you and your family member is less and less.

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