Maria is a citizen of Russia. Maria faced persecution in her home country due to her political activities and advocacy. Maria is a very highly qualified, educated, and exceptional woman who demonstrated great leadership and was also an attorney in her home country.

However, due to her political activities, she faced a lot of danger. Maria faced severe threats to her life in her home country, and persecution in various instances, which led her to flee her country. She filed for asylum in the United States due to the past persecution that she failed.

Her case was a very complex and strong asylum case. We represented Maria at her USCIS interview. However, due to the complex nature of her case, USCIS was not able to make a decision, and the case was forwarded to the immigration court.

We weren’t able to get supporting affidavits from other people beyond the family. However, we did get supporting affidavits from family members, and due to Maria’s meticulous record-keeping as an attorney herself, we had substantial evidence demonstrating every aspect of our claim.

We submitted all of our evidence to the court. And this was another case where we didn’t need to do any testimony at all. The judge told us that she read all the documents that we submitted. And within five minutes, she said she was ready to grant asylum.

It was difficult for Maria to wait almost 10 years, to get asylum. She had to give up a very promising career and her life to restart all over here in the US.

It was very difficult for her to move forward with her life and each time, having to relive the trauma that she underwent. She needed the closure of this immigration case to move forward with her life.

Luckily we got the asylum from Maria and now we just filed her green card application. And Maria is now thriving professionally and we’re so excited for her to have started her new life here in the U.S.

Maria’s advocacy and resilience is inspiring! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on her case and I can’t wait for when she gets her Green Card!

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