• Are you looking to apply for citizenship this year? This is the best year to do so!

2024 is an important year for the United States, marked by upcoming presidential elections. As a result, it’s important to take advantage of the current timeframes to apply and get scheduled for a citizenship interview. Previously it took on average almost 11 months to get the USCIS interview but now clients are getting their interviews scheduled in approximately 2-5 months, and scheduled for oath ceremonies very soon after.

So if you are 18 or older, have held a green card for over 5 years, or for 3 years and you are married to a US citizen, and you meet the physical presence, continuous residence, and good moral character requirements, you can apply for citizenship! And by applying now, there’s a chance you could vote in November!

  • Professional and expert guidance is important for your immigration journey 

Deciding to immigrate is a significant step, and navigating the complex legal landscape can be overwhelming. Whether you are applying for a work visa, family sponsorship, seeking asylum, or any other type of visa, having an experienced immigration attorney can help you avoid common pitfalls and delays that often arise during the immigration process, and gain peace of mind as you go through this transformative journey. 

Certainly, the chances of success depend on the specific circumstances and type of case, but having an experienced attorney by your side makes a significant difference and increases your chances. So let’s dive into how to start a successful immigration journey with legal expertise. 

  • Set realistic and achievable immigration goals for the new year. 

Rather than being overwhelmed by the prospect of a complete life change to achieve a long-term immigration goal (ie. Green Card or Citizenship), break down your long-term immigration objectives into several smaller ones. For example, start with the goal of getting an approved USCIS petition, a work permit and/or travel permit, getting asylum granted, or getting a visa this year – then work your way towards a Green Card depending on how long your immigration process takes, and a few years after you get the Green Card, you can apply for citizenship. 

Once you have identified your smaller goals, set up manageable steps to achieve them. Whether it’s gathering required documentation, improving English language skills or networking within your target community to get employment sponsorship, evaluating your work and experience, drafting your affidavits, or learning the cost of an immigration process to save up money, these smaller milestones will help you achieve your goals for this year and contribute to the overall success of your immigration journey.

If you are not sure about whether you are eligible for a certain visa, Green Card, or citizenship, this is the perfect time to consult with an experienced immigration attorney, and come up with a proactive plan and timeline to become eligible (if not already eligible) and apply. Guidance with a plan and timeline will help you to feel in control over your immigration journey, especially when it involves multiple phases, and give you confidence about your future in the U.S. 

  • Be perseverant, positive, and patient 

As you start this exciting journey and new year, remember that perseverance and determination are key. There will inevitably be hurdles along the way, and it’s human to feel frustrated and overwhelmed especially given the challenges and lengthy processing times of the U.S. immigration system. However, with the support of an immigration attorney by your side, a positive mindset, and determination, you can overcome them and build the life you envision.

Take that first step to achieve your American dream of getting your Green Card and/or becoming a U.S. Citizen by just getting started this year, and lay the foundation for a new chapter and a successful immigration journey. Turning your New Year’s immigration resolutions into reality is possible. If you have been thinking about turning the page for a brighter 2024, you’re in the right place. Contact us today and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. May 2024 be the year your dreams of a brighter future come true.

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