Congratulations to RK on on passing her citizenship test!

Taking a moment to celebrate a special day for my client in front of this meaningful background. Congratulations to my client, RK, on passing her citizenship test. She was over the young age of 65 and had been an LPR for over 20 years. Therefore, she met one of the English language exceptions and was able to take the test in her best language, Bengali. She studied months in advance for the test. She memorized all the 20 questions and needless to say, passed the test with flying colors! We are super proud and happy for her and her family.

Did you know if you have been a Green Card Holder for a certain number of years and are at a certain age, you might be able to take the citizenship in your own language? Contact us to learn about whether you might be eligibile for citizenship and might meet an exception.

Congratulations RK and thank you for being a part of the Khalique Law family. Contact us to learn more about how to apply for citizenship.

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