As an immigrant to the United States, it is likely that you are in a hurry to legalize your stay in the country. However, you may not have the means to cover the cost of some of the forms that are required when applying for a visa or green card. In this situation, a Fee Waiver Application may be the best solution.

Our Immigration lawyer understands every aspect of the fee waiver process, and will help you navigate it. They can help you file your complete application with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), and thus be able to continue with the adjustment of your immigration status, or any other type of application you are planning to submit.

Schedule an appointment now to receive the full aid of our legal team that will not only help you to complete your fee waiver application, but will also provide you with legal advice on any type of immigration process you are planning to perform through USCIS.

What is a Fee Waiver?

Essentially all of the immigration procedures performed through USCIS must start by filing different forms depending on the type of procedure being done. For example, in the case of an affirmative asylum application, Form I-589 must be filed.

Each of these forms has a stated fee that must be paid by the applicant, which allows financing for each of the services offered by USCIS to its users. However, if the applicant does not have the financial means to pay the fees, they may file a fee waiver application, Form I-912.

The fee waiver will allow you to obtain an exception in the payment of the necessary fee, as long as you have the required documents to prove that you are unable to cover the costs of the form you intend to complete.

When can I file a Fee Waiver Application?

There are many USCIS procedures in which you may have the opportunity to file a fee waiver application. Below are some of the forms that may be eligible for a fee waiver.

6 USCIS forms that may be eligible for a Fee Waiver Application

Need help with your fee waiver application?

Although this process will allow you to be exempt from paying the USCIS fees that apply to your application, you must demonstrate that you do not have the necessary means to cover the cost of those fees in order to obtain these benefits.

In this case, having the support of an immigration lawyer to guide you through each step of the application process is very important so that you can be sure to submit your fee waiver application without any inconvenience that may delay your application.

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Are you worried about not being able to cover the costs of the immigration proceedings that apply to your case? With the help of our immigration lawyer, you can put your mind at ease. Our team will make sure you can complete your fee waiver application, in addition to whichever type of form you intend to submit for your case.

Make an appointment today and receive legal assistance from an immigration lawyer who truly understands and cares about your immigration process, regardless of your financial situation.


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