Could You Be Eligible for the O-1A Visa?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) authorities provide the opportunity to work temporarily in the United States through O1 Visas for people who possess extraordinary abilities or achievements in different areas. For these cases, the advice of our O1 Visa attorney can be very helpful.

As a beneficiary of an O1 Visa, you will have the opportunity to travel temporarily to the United States in order to practice your career legally, as long as you have a petitioning party that demonstrates that they really need your professional services in the United States. 

Although there are different types of O1 visas, in this opportunity we will focus specifically on O-1A visas. Remember that, if you need legal advice to apply for this or any other type of visa to travel to the United States, you can always count on the immigration advice of our O1 Visa attorney.

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What is the O-1A Visa?

The O-1A Visa is one of the two nonimmigrant visa options offered by USCIS to individuals who are interested in traveling to the United States with the sole intention of performing work activities for a specific period of time, as long as they have outstanding skills or achievements in the areas established by the agency.

Please note that, in order to be eligible for this type of visa, you must have a job offer in the United States, related to the sector in which you have extraordinary achievements, which will fulfill the role of petitioning party, so that the process can be carried out without any inconvenience.

Who can be beneficiaries of an O-1A Visa?

Just as the O-1B Visa is intended for workers with extraordinary achievements in the film and television industry, the O-1A Visa is also intended for certain specific occupations, which we mention below.

Who can apply for an O-1A visa to work temporarily in the U.S.

Requirements to apply for an O-1A Visa

As with all other visas offered by USCIS for lawful travel to the United States, if you wish to obtain an O-1A Visa for your extraordinary achievements in the above-mentioned fields, you must first make sure that you have the following requirements in hand:

  • File Form I-129 at least 45 days prior to your date of employment
  • You will need a written advisory opinion from a peer group (or labor organization) or someone with experience in the beneficiary’s area of expertise
  • You will need copies of any written contracts or documents between you and your petitioner, or a summation of the oral agreement terms under which you are going to be employed
  • If applicable, you will need a summary of the nature of activities or tasks, start and end dates of said activities or tasks, and copies of any itineraries for the activities or tasks
  • You will need evidence to support your extraordinary skills in the science, business, education, or athletics field

After you have each of these requirements in hand, you will have what you need to finally have the opportunity to receive an O-1A Visa for the extraordinary abilities you possess in the sciences, education, business or athletics.

Our O-1 Visa attorney can help you

If you need help getting your O-1A visa process started, keep in mind that our O1 Visa attorney knows every aspect of U.S. immigration law and has extensive experience in similar cases, so they can be the support you need to get your visa approved without any hassles.

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