After a long process, you finally managed to obtain your asylee status in the United States and have the protection that you did not get in your country of origin, either due to political or religious differences, etc. Now that you are living legally in the country, have you thought about the possibility of obtaining a Green Card for asylees? With the help of our asylum attorney, you can do it without any problems. 

By being a beneficiary of a Green Card, after completing the asylum application in the USA, you will be able to enjoy a series of benefits as a permanent resident in the country, adjusting your immigration status so that you can have the opportunity to live and work legally, and even in the future apply for family members of your immediate family living abroad.

For this process to be as effective as possible, it is important that you can count on the support of an asylum attorney, who can guide you through each step that is necessary to finally obtain your Green Card that will accredit you as a permanent resident in the USA. Schedule an appointment now and work with us to receive the advice you need.

What is the Green Card for asylees in the USA?

When we talk about a Green Card, we are basically referring to the document that grants legal permanent residency in the United States, also known by the acronym LPR. This status gives the citizen the opportunity to live and work legally in the country, accessing the same legal benefits as any other U.S. citizen.

U.S. immigration law allows individuals who have an approved asylum case to access the opportunity to receive a Green Card from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as long as each of the requirements and grounds necessary for the document to be approved are met, through a process known as “adjustment of status”.

When is an asylee eligible to receive a Green Card?

If you as an asylee want to know if you are eligible to obtain a permanent residence in the United States (Green Card), it is important to make sure that you comply with each of the bases established by USCIS to initiate the corresponding process and have the opportunity to receive the aforementioned benefit.

The bases of eligibility to obtain a Green Card as an asylee are:

  • You properly file Form I-485, this is the application to register your permanent residence or adjust your citizenship status
  • You are physically present within the United States when your file Form I-485
  • You have been residing in the United States for more than a year after being granted asylum
  • You continue to be considered a refugee, or are the spouse or child of a refugee
  • You are still being granted asylum within the US
  • You are admissible for lawful permanent residence — or are eligible for a waiver of inadmissibility or other form of relief — within the United States
  • You merit the favorable exercise of discretion, meaning that your application is worthy of being considered

If you meet each of these requirements established by USCIS, then you already have the essentials to begin the process that will lead you to adjust your immigration status in the United States from asylee to lawful permanent resident.

Documents needed to receive the Green Card for asylees in the U.S.

Once you are ready to start the process, now is the time to gather the necessary documents so that your case is as supported as possible and the chances of receiving a positive response from the immigration authorities of the country are multiplied.

Among the documents required to start the Green Card process for asylees, the following stand out:

  •  Complete Form I-485 — the application to register your permanent residence or adjust your citizenship status — with the required fee, or with Form I-912, the request for a fee waiver.
  • You must have physically proof of your asylum grant (a copy of the letter, immigration judge decision, or Form I-94, the arrival or departure record which indicates the date of your asylum grant)
  • You must have evidence to support that you have been physically present within the US for a year or more
  • You need two passport approved photographs
  • You will need a copy of your government-issued identity document, with a photograph
  • You may need a copy of your birth certificate or your passport page with a nonimmigrant visa if they are available to you
  • You may also need a copy of your passport page that indicates admission or a parole stamp that is issued by a US immigration officer, only if it is available to you
  • You need Form I-693 – the report of your medical examination and vaccination records – which can be submitted along with Form I-485 or separate
  • If applicable, you will need all police and court records regarding arrests, criminal charges or convictions
  • Complete form I-602, the refugee application for a waiver of grounds of excludability – for humanitarianism – family unity or national security, if applicable for you

Remember that, if you need help in the search for these documents, with our asylum attorney you can receive the proper advice, so that you can collect each of them without any inconvenience that will delay your adjustment of status process.

Apply for your Green Card for asylees with our asylum attorney

Now that you know everything you need to know to begin your adjustment of status process in the United States, there is nothing that can stand between you and the permanent residency that awaits you after you have been granted asylum status.

Let us walk you through the process of applying for your asylee Green Card, so we can take care of every detail to increase your chances of receiving your document without any problems. Schedule an appointment today and work hand in hand with our asylum attorney.


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