Are you interested in immigrating to the United States and want to maximize your chances of getting your visa approved? One of the most important steps to successfully obtain a visa is to hire a licensed immigration attorney to represent you and help you with your case. Read on to learn more about some of the key considerations you should make when selecting your immigration attorney.

Research the Lawyer’s Experience and Reputation

The best way to hire the right attorney is to be thorough with your research. A credible attorney will be discoverable online. You should be able to find reviews, testimonials, official firm websites, and possibly more information on an experienced attorney. Additionally, it is always a good idea to get a referral from a friend or someone else who you know personally who worked with the attorney before. The more information you can have on the attorney up front, the better.

Hire a Licensed Attorney 

While there are different types of people who might offer you assistance on your immigration matter, it is important to verify that the person you hire is a licensed attorney; in other words, they are admitted to a state bar. This is especially important if you need representation in person before USCIS or in the Immigration Court or in other courts. Licensed attorneys understand how the immigration legal system works and will be able to help you understand complex laws and rules. There are various immigration petition preparers, who are not licensed lawyers, and are not authorized to provide legal advice; they are limited to helping you with paperwork and cannot represent you at interviews and court hearings. Additionally, they may not be able to spot potential legal issues that may affect your eligibility or address complex legal situations. Therefore, a licensed attorney, who is professionally trained, with qualifying education and experience, will be able to best help you with a legal solution.

Can you communicate with the Attorney?

If English is not your first language, you might want to consider any language barriers and seek out an attorney who can speak your first language or will work with an interpreter. If you cannot communicate with your attorney, important information will be missed, which may impact your case. Additionally, it is important to have an attorney, who you can contact directly throughout your case, and who will address your questions within a reasonable time. You want to have an attorney who is on top of your case and will completed it in an efficient manner. 

Consider Interpersonal Factors Between You and Your Attorney

In addition to being your counsel on your immigration proceedings, your immigration attorney is someone who you should be able to confide in with confidential and potentially sensitive information. It’s important to hire an immigration attorney who you feel that you can trust and have a good relationship with as they help you with your case. 

Why Khalique Law, PLLC?

Sumaiya Khalique, Esq., the founder of Khalique Law PLLC, is a licensed attorney in New York, who values her clients, their time, and prioritizes working efficiently to put together strong cases. She speaks English, Bengali, and Spanish. Our clients have direct access to Ms. Khalique, who keeps them updated throughout the process, answers any questions they have, and makes sure they have a clear understanding of every aspect and step of their case so there are no surprises. You can learn more about Khalique Law, PLLC, attorney Sumaiya Khalique, Esq., our success stories, and our process

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