Securing Permanent Residency for Family Members

Sometimes, being away from the family can lead to depression and negative feelings such as sadness and loneliness, which can seriously affect a person’s health. However, with the help of a family immigration lawyer, you may be able to bring your family members to live with you in the United States, giving them the opportunity to obtain permanent residency.

If you are a U.S. citizen, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration law allows you to help an eligible family member who wishes to immigrate to the United States obtain a Green Card that will allow him or her to remain in the U.S. as a permanent resident.

Need help understanding this process? Schedule an appointment now and our family immigration lawyer will be happy to answer all your questions and help you reunite with your family in the land of opportunity.

When can I help a family member obtain permanent residency in the USA?

You may want to be able to bring your entire family to live with you in the United States, and give them permanent residency so that they can live and work freely in the country. However, for now the law only allows you to do so with certain eligible family members.

But what does an eligible relative mean? Eligible relatives are those who meet the USCIS requirements to qualify as possible beneficiaries of a permanent residence based on a family relationship with a U.S. citizen.

In this regard, as a U.S. citizen, you may only apply to relatives such as:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your children, if they are under 21 years of age.
  • Your parents, if you are over 21 years of age.

So, if you intend to bring an eligible family member to live with you in the country, with the help of our family immigration lawyer you will be able to do so without any complications that may delay the application process.

How to provide permanent residency in the USA to a family member?

Once you are certain that your family member is eligible to obtain permanent residency in the United States, through his or her citizenship status, you can then proceed with the filing of the necessary form to initiate the process.

Remember that, for the process to be as effective as possible, it is important that you can count on the support of a family immigration lawyer, who will make sure that you comply with each of the necessary legal steps, in order to prevent any mistake from making the wait to be reunited with your family member in the USA longer.


How to help a family member obtain permanent residency in the United States?

Why is the help of a family immigration lawyer important?

When it comes to initiating a process related to immigration law in the United States, the procedures and requirements can often be confusing, due to the different conditions that must be met depending on the characteristics of each specific case.

For this reason, having the help of a family immigration lawyer can be essential for you to understand each step, so that you can make the application you want, without any inconvenience.

In addition, a family immigration lawyer will help you gather all the necessary requirements and evidence that apply to your case and that are required by immigration law to grant your family member the permanent residency you are seeking.

Schedule an appointment with us and meet your loved ones.

Our family immigration lawyer knows very well each one of the steps to take so that your family member can legally enter the United States, with a permanent residency that will allow him/her to join you and start a new life in the country.

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