Congratulations to OD on getting his U.S. Citizenship!!!

OD was very worried about his citizenship application and interview. His U.S. citizenship application had already been filed before he came to see me, and he realized there were critical errors that needed to be corrected.

He was also worried addressing questions about his previous immigration history. We reviewed his entire immigration record and corrected all of the errors before the interview. We also prepared him for the interview and at the interview, I addressed the legal issues that came up. OD was so nervous; his hands shook when he was writing for the written portion of the test but he passed the tests with flying colors! The Officer had us wait outside afterwards, for half an hour, while she reviewed the case with her supervisor. She then came out, told us there were no issues, and that his citizenship application would be granted. I cannot articulate the look of happiness that swept over OD’s face – this meant so much to him! I am extremely happy for him and now he is looking forward to petitioning for his spouse.

Thank you for sharing your immigration journey with us and being a part of the Khalique Law family.

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