Congratulations to SA on passing her U.S. Citizenship interview.

My client, S.A., had her citizenship interview and she passed! This was a really exciting day for her – one she waited a while for and she immediately called all her family here and in Bangladesh to share the news. She was so nervous – even the officer commented that she could see that this day was meaningful for her – but she passed with flying colors. S.A. and her husband first came to me after they had filed their joint petition to remove conditions on her temporary Green Card.

There were a number of special circumstances and they received an extensive RFE. We put together strong documentation which addressed all the issues, and successfully obtained a 10 year green card for her. We then immediately filed for citizenship as she met the requirements.

After the interview was over, she and her husband immediately insisted on treating me to chai. This gesture meant a lot because it is a traditional Bengali way of showing respect and appreciation. It was very humbling. I’m extremely happy for this young family, and happy to have them as part of the Khalique Law family.

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