Exciting Visa Options for Extraordinary Talent

If you are an outstanding worker in an important field of work in your country, you may have the opportunity to grow professionally by obtaining an offer to work temporarily in the United States. For this, you will only have to make your O-Visa application, and so have the official permission to practice your profession temporarily in the USA.

With this visa you will be able to obtain several benefits as a professional, starting with the fact that you will be able to practice your profession in a U.S. company that requires your work profile, in one of the fields established by the regulations of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Remember that if you need help to obtain an O-Visa in the USA, or to start the O-Visa application process, our immigration lawyer knows very well the immigration laws of this country and your rights, so it will be the ideal advice for your case. Schedule an appointment today and receive the attention you deserve to get the visa you need.

What are the visas for workers with extraordinary ability?

Also known as O-1 nonimmigrant visas, these are visas offered by the U.S. government for individuals who have been recognized for their outstanding work in areas such as the arts, science, sports, business or education, obtaining awards and distinctions that demonstrate their achievements.

Through the O-Visa in the USA, a worker can have the opportunity to practice his profession temporarily in the country, as long as he/she has a company that will fulfill the role of petitioner, which needs his/her profile to fill a vacant position in its list of employees.

For this, you have the right to have the support of an O-Visa Lawyer, who can provide you with the necessary guidance to obtain your visa without problems.

What O-Visas are available in the USA?

The visas that you can obtain through the O-1 program for workers with extraordinary ability are 4 in total, and each of them depends on the type of achievement that you have reached as a professional, as well as the field of work that you are engaged in.

Types of visas available in the U.S. for workers with extraordinary abilities

How long is an O-Visa valid in the USA?

Initially, you can receive your O-Visa for a maximum of up to 3 years period, depending on the type of work or event the worker must attend in the United States, plus a period of 10 days before and after the period of validity approved by USCIS.

In addition, if for any reason you need to continue your work for a period longer than the one approved by USCIS, you can initiate a new process for the extension of your stay in the United States, as long as you comply with the requirements established for this specific case.

Obtain an O-Visa in the USA with our Immigration Lawyer

If you need help to obtain an O-Visa that allows you to work temporarily in the United States, our Immigration Lawyer is the fundamental piece that will allow you to complete your process without problems, taking into account the processes and requirements that are necessary for your application to be as complete as possible, and thus increase the chances that your O-Visa will be approved.

Schedule an appointment now and tell us about your case, so we can start working on your application as soon as possible, until you can finally practice your profession legally in the United States, as a beneficiary of a visa for workers with extraordinary ability.


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