Asylum Rights for Gay Couples

Historically, the LGBT community around the world has been a constant target of all kinds of abuses and persecutions, especially in countries in the Middle East and the African continent, where even today the fact of having a homosexual relationship is synonymous of a crime, which can even be punishable by death penalty. Did you know that asylum status in the United States is available for this community? In this article we tell you what is asylum for gay couples in USA. 

Based on data from the Census Bureau, there were around 1.2 million same-sex couple homes in the US in 2021.

In the past, anyone could think that the times in which people were persecuted and judged for the simple fact of expressing their feelings towards people of the same sex were left behind. However, the reality in many countries worldwide is very different. 

There are currently many places where people who identify within the LGBT community are persecuted, abused and sentenced to serve time for commiting “cultural or religious offenses”, while in others, although they are not directly punished, they are denied access to such essential rights as security, health, marriage, among others. 

If you consider that your life is in danger in your country because of your sexual orientation, or you have a partner of the same sex and are constantly persecuted and harrased by the authorities, the option of asylum for gay couples in the USA is avaible for you to start the life you deserve.

Our asylum lawyer is ready to help you. Schedule your appointment now and start the necessary steps to live in a country that today has achieved great progress in terms of respect for the rights of the LGBT community.

What is asylum?

When talking about asylum, we are basically referring to the immigration status that the U.S. government offers to those foreign citizens who seek refuge in the country, when they are unjustly persecuted in their origin country for any of the reasons established by the main immigration laws of the country. 

This status gives you temporary protection, allowing you to remain in the United States for a certain period of time, as long as you can prove to an immigration court that your life may indeed be in danger if you return to your country.

In which cases is it possible to apply for asylum for gay couples in USA?

Since 1990, being homosexual can be the basis for obtaining asylum in the United States, after the Board of Immigration Appeals decided to add this reason to the list of reasons for which a person can initiate the  process to obtain asylum status in the country. 

However, it is not enough to identify as homosexual or lesbian. In order to initiate the process of asylum for gay couples in the USA, it is necessary to demonstrate that: 

  • You have been persecuted in the past because of your sexual orientation. 
  • You are afraid of being persecuted in your home country because of your sexual identity or orientation. 
  • Your life or freedom could be threatened because of your homosexuality. 

Also, please note that if you identify as transgender, your feel that your biological gender does not match your gender identity, or even if you are HIV positive or have AIDS, you can also receive protection from the United States government as an asylee.

What conditions must an application for asylum for gay couples in USA meet?

To be sure that you will be able to start an asylum application process in an effective way, to finally receive the protection that was denied to you and your partner in your country of origin, it is important that you make sure you meet the conditions such as the following: 

  • Have a justified fear of returning to your country of origin due to risk of persecution because you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual or HIV positive. 
  • The government authorities of your country  do not guarantee your safety and the fulfillment of your rights as a citizen, because you belong to the LGBT community. 
  • Both you and your partner are constantly harassed and persecuted in their country of origin, for being gay, bisexual, transgender or HIV positive. 

If your application meets each of these conditions, you can be assured of receiving the protection you need, so that you and your partner can exercise the freedom to love each other in a country where your rights will be fully respected.

Our asylum lawyer can help you

If you are afraid to return to your home country because you are homosexual, you and your partner are constantly persecuted and harrased, or you believe that your life and your partner’s life could be in danger because of their sexual orientation, our asylum lawyer can help you achieve a much safer life, where you can exercise you right to love freely, with the protection from the state. 

Schedule your appointment now and talk to our asylum lawyer. Your case may  fulfill the requirements for asylum for gay couples in USA, and our team can help you receive the protection you need to live in a country that respects and guarantees your rights as a citizen.


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