Who Qualifies as an Agent in O-Visa Applications?

When applying for an O-Visa for extraordinary ability, the immigration law allows you to make the application process with the help of an agent, who will be in charge of making all the necessary arrangements to initiate your O-Visa application through the USCIS offices and consulates established. However, who is eligible to be an agent on an O visa application?

While there are cases in which any person you designate can perform the role of agent at the time of submitting your O Visa application, there are certain conditions that must be met for the process to be carried out most efficiently without any inconveniences that may delay the approval of your visa.

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What is an agent in an O Visa application?

When discussing the O Visa process, a program especially aimed at those with extraordinary abilities in areas such as sports, music, acting, etc., applicants often prefer to apply through agents who represent them in order to avoid public exposure at the time of application.

For these cases, the agent must comply with each of the requirements for the approval of the O Visa to which the beneficiary applies, to ensure a favorable response to their application, which will allow them to practice professionally in the established professional area, through a petitioning party in the United States.

Who can be an agent in an O Visa application?

If you need to file the O Visa application through an agent who represents you before the USCIS offices or the U.S. consulate, you may designate any trusted person you choose to submit the application, or even the same employer who requests your labor services in the United States.

Who can be an agent in an O Visa application?

What does an agent need to prove to the USCIS their relationship with the beneficiary?

When an agent files an O Visa application, it is necessary to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation to demonstrate to USCIS the connection between the agent and the O Visa beneficiary, who will work for the petitioning party in the event of a favorable response to the application.

For this purpose, the agent must have the contractual agreement with the beneficiary of the O visa available, which specifies the salary offered for the service performed, among other terms and conditions applicable to the employment. A summary of the verbal or written agreement established at the time of hiring the agent in question also may be used.

Note that only through this agreement the USCIS will be able to verify that there is an actual connection between the agent and the O Visa beneficiary. Otherwise, the process may be delayed a while longer than expected until the legitimacy of the agent is confirmed.

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Gathering all the information necessary to prove the connection to your agent can be a bit challenging, especially when important details about immigration law in these types of cases are unknown. For this reason, it is recommended that you can rely on the assistance of an immigration lawyer throughout the entire process.

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