Living in a country where your rights are not respected and you are constantly persecuted for thinking differently is not the kind of life you deserve. If you are thinking of filing your asylum application in USA, our immigration lawyer can represent you at all times so that the results of your application are the best they can be.

By applying for asylum, you will have the opportunity to receive the protection that you may not have been able to obtain in your home country, so that you can live freely in a place that respects and guarantees your freedom, without judging you for the way you are or the way you think.

Like any other immigration process, the asylum application process is usually a little complicated in terms of the requirements that must be collected and the steps that must be followed at the time of attending the interview conducted by U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), however, with the proper legal representation, you can be sure to complete the application process smoothly.

On this occasion, our immigration lawyer will give you the necessary answers to 5 key questions that are common in the asylum application process in USA. Remember, if you need legal help to file your application, you can schedule an appointment now and discuss your case with us to start the process that will lead you to receive protection from the U.S. government.

Do I have to go through criminal or security checks when I apply for asylum?

When you are ready to apply for asylum in USA, you must be prepared to go through a series of immigration checks that will verify your background and security information to ensure that you are indeed eligible for asylum status in the country.

This criminal verification process may consist of the following:

USCIS will send a copy of the Form I-589, Asylum and Withholding of Removal Application, to the U.S. Department of State.

USCIS sends your personal information to the FBI.

USCIS checks your personal information against law enforcement databases.

USCIS schedules you, if you are between 12 and 79 years, for fingerprinting. This will be sent to the FBI to conduct background/security checks.

Please note that, depending on the results of this verification, your asylum application may be affected. In fact, you may be found ineligible for status and your case may be referred to an Immigration Court if you have a criminal record.

When should I submit fingerprints?

Fingerprinting is one of the essential processes in the asylum application in USA. In this case, applicants who are 12 years or older receive a notice that will direct them to the Application Support Center where they must go to have their fingerprints taken.

Please note that this notice will arrive after you submit your Form I-589 at any USCIS service office. Subsequently, your fingerprints will be sent to the FBI to proceed with a background check.

What status do I receive when I am approved for asylum?

If you complete the asylum application in USA correctly, submitting each of the necessary requirements for the process and following the proper legal process, you will receive asylum status, which means that you will be protected by the U.S. government against any case that has endangered your personal integrity in your country of origin.

Remember that, for this outcome to be favorable for you, having the support of an immigration lawyer is key to know each process necessary to submit your application, as well as the requirements to be met and the steps to follow in the asylum application.

What benefits are obtained after an asylum application in USA?

There are many benefits of receiving asylum status in the United States. Some of the most important may be the following:

  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
  • Unrestricted Social Security card
  • Cash and medical assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Refugee Travel Document

Each of these benefits you will be able to enjoy after obtaining a positive response to your asylum application in USA, which will allow you to legally stay in the country and work to start a new life with the protection that you could not find in your country of origin.

Can I reschedule my affirmative asylum interview?

After you initiate your asylum application in USA, USCIS will give you a date on which you must go to one of its offices to conduct the interview in which you will have the opportunity to explain to an immigration officer the reasons why you are requesting asylum status in the country.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the asylum interview on the scheduled date, you must send a letter to the office assigned to you, requesting the rescheduling of your interview, attaching the evidence that validates the reasons why you will not be able to attend. For more information, please read our blog entry “can I reschedule my affirmative asylum interview in USA?

Get legal support from our immigration lawyer

If you are persecuted in your country of origin and are thinking of initiating your asylum application in USA, either because of political differences, discrimination based on your sex or sexual orientation, etc., our asylum attorney can help you achieve that protected status you can receive from the U.S. government.

Make an appointment now and let our team guide you through the right legal path so that you can get the best results after starting your asylum application in USA.


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