By making your asylum application in the USA, you make a commitment to attend your interview with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to show the reasons why you believe that your life is in danger if you return to your country of origin. But, what happens if for some reason you cannot attend the asylum interview on the scheduled date? In these cases, an Asylum Attorney can help you find a solution.

Although it is a procedure that you must comply with responsibility and in a timely manner, there are certain scenarios that may arise in your life that, inevitably, may prevent you from attending on the date established by the USCIS.

In this type of situation, the USCIS allows you to reschedule your asylum application interview, as long as you are within the time stipulated by the asylum office for rescheduling an appointment. In this way, you will simply have to demonstrate a good cause for the rescheduling, through a document that must be delivered in writing. 

Do you need legal help to reschedule your asylum interview in the USA? With our Asylum Attorney, you will be able to carry out the complete and safe rescheduling process, so that you can attend your interview on a date on which you can fulfill your commitment without any inconvenience. Schedule an appointment now!

What is considered a good cause when rescheduling an asylum appointment?

When speaking of a “good cause” in an asylum application case in the USA, the USCIS refers to any type of reasonable excuse that prevents an applicant from attending the appointment for the asylum interview, on the date and time that has been programmed by the organization.

Please note that when making a request to reschedule your asylum application appointment, the USCIS will review your entire case history, so it is important that you are completely honest in stating the reasons for your request, which must also be supported by enough evidence.

What do I need to reschedule an asylum appointment for a good cause?

To complete the process of rescheduling your asylum application appointment, you need to meet some requirements established by the asylum office for these cases. One of them is to be within the valid time period for the asylum interview rescheduling for a good cause.

In this sense, you will be able to reschedule your asylum interview appointment for a good cause at the following times:

  •         Before the date and time of the scheduled interview.
  •         On the very same date of the asylum interview.
  •         Within the next 45 days after the interview date.

Keep in mind that, if you exceed this stipulated time, then you must reschedule the date of your asylum application interview through the exceptional circumstances process, in which you must demonstrate that you were unable to attend the interview for any reason of the exceptional circumstances valid by the USCIS.

How to request the rescheduling of the asylum interview for a good cause?

The process of rescheduling your asylum application interview appointment is very simple. You just have to prepare a written document in which you express each of the reasons why you will not be able, or could not, attend the interview on the previously scheduled date, attaching the greatest amount of evidence to ensure credibility to your arguments.

So that your document can be filed with total legality and without any details that could prevent the rescheduling from being approved, it is important that you can count on the support of an Asylum Attorney.

With our team, you will be able to learn about each of the processes that you must follow so that your rescheduling is 100% successful, and you can attend your asylum interview on a new date without the risk of losing the opportunity to obtain protection from the US government.

Possible responses to your asylum interview rescheduling request

Once you submit the asylum application to the USCIS offices, you will simply have to wait for the institution’s response, where you will finally know if your application was successfully approved or, by contrast, if the attempt to reschedule your interview application was denied.

The possible results of your application can be:

  •         If you establish a good cause, the asylum office will reschedule your asylum interview for a later date and then will notify you in writing of the new interview date, time, and location.
  •         If you do not establish a good cause, the asylum office will deny your reschedule request in writing. If you do not attend your scheduled asylum interview, the asylum office will treat your case as a missed interview (failure to appear).

To prevent your application from being denied, it is important to ensure that you have the support of an Asylum Attorney. Our team is willing to provide you with all the advice you need so that your asylum interview rescheduling is approved without problems. Schedule an appointment now and tell us about your case.


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