Congratulations to DA and his wife, PN, on getting a ten year Green Card for PN!

DA and PN were married in Ghana, and then DA petitioned for PN to immigrate to the U.S.. PN originally received a two year conditional Green Card, and then DA filed on his own to remove the conditions for his wife. However, the incorrect form was filed and by the time DA received the USCIS denial notice, PN’s conditional Green Card had expired. We quickly filed a joint petition to remove conditions for PN, with supporting documents to explain the circumstances, and requested USCIS to forgive the late filing, after the expiration date of the Green Card. DA and PN’s joint petition to remove conditions was approved, without any additional requests for evidence, and they received the 10 year Green Card! We are extremely happy for DA and PN! They are eager for PN to embark on the next step of her immigration journey: citizenship!

Contact us if you did not file your application for the 10 year Green Card in time or need assistance in filing the petition within the 90 days filing period before the 2 year Green Card expires.

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