When you have asylum status in the United States, it is difficult for you to visit your family members living in your home country, precisely because of the danger to your life upon your return, whether it is due to political persecution, cultural differences, etc. For these cases, you can include your children and spouse in your asylum application, and our Asylum Lawyer can help you.

While most asylum applications are usually made on an individual basis, in order to obtain protection from the U.S. government in cases where your life is at risk in your home country because of the way you are, think or act, the Immigration Law allows you to add your immediate family to your USCIS application.

Do you consider that you need advice to grant asylum benefits to your spouse and children? Our Asylum Lawyer is ready to provide you with all the help you need. Schedule an appointment now so that you can complete the process in the shortest time possible and receive asylum status with your family.

When can I include my spouse and children in my asylum application?

You may include your children and spouse in your asylum application as long as they meet certain requirements established by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which will be verified by the asylum officer handling your case.

You must report your spouse and children on your asylum application no matter whether they are:

  • Alive, missing or dead;
  • Born in other countries or in the United States,
  • Under 21 years old or adults;
  • Married or unmarried;
  • Inside or outside the United States;
  • Stepchildren; 
  • Born when you were single; or
  • Filing a separate asylum application.

This way, if your asylum application is finally approved, both you and the family members you have included in your application (spouse and minor or adult children) will be able to obtain asylum status without any inconvenience.

3 steps to include your children and spouse in your asylum application

Now that you know the necessary conditions to be able to add your spouse and children to your asylum application, you are probably wondering what the process will be like to finally file the asylum application before the USCIS offices, and obtain the protection that you and your family need.

You can add your children and spouse to your asylum application in 3 easy steps:

  • Include your spouse and children on your Form I-589.

To begin the process of applying for asylum status with your spouse and children, you must first add each of them on Form I-589, which must be correctly filled out with the correct information about the case, as well as signed by the person filing the petition.

  • Bring your family members to your asylum application

At the time of your asylum interview, where you will be asked a series of questions about your asylum case and the reasons why you fear returning to your home country, it is essential that the family members you have added on the application form attend the interview with you, so that everyone can receive the status you have applied for.

  • Take your fingerprints

After you attend the interview, you must wait for the notice to go to the USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) so that your fingerprints can be taken, as well as the fingerprints of the family members you have added in your application.

Get help from our Asylum Lawyer

In order for your asylum application process to be as effective as possible, there are details that you must be sure to take care of, such as the qualifications of both you and your family members, as well as the information you put on your form. For all this and much more, our asylum lawyer can guide you every step of the way.

Schedule an appointment with us and let us provide you with the advice you need to obtain asylum status in the United States, together with your spouse and children, so that you can all live peacefully and safely in a country where your rights will be respected.


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