Must-Haves for the O-1A Visa Process

If you need to apply for an O-1A Visa, with the objective of coming to the United States to work temporarily in your professional field, it is important that you comply with each of the requirements demanded by the Immigration Law for your approval. With the help of our O1 Visa lawyer, this will not be a problem for you.

Although the U.S. visa application process may seem complicated due to the amount of requirements that many of them may have, you just need to have the right advice to understand each step you need to take, and thus make your visa application smoothly.

Do you consider that you need help with your O-1A Visa application? Our O1 visa lawyer is here to help you. Schedule an appointment with us and, together, let’s get your O-1A Visa approved so you can work legally in the United States.

What is the O-1A Visa in the USA?

O1 visas refer to non-immigrant visas, i.e., those visas that are intended for people who only come to the United States for a certain period of time, but do not intend to stay permanently.

In addition, the beneficiary must possess some type of extraordinary ability in fields such as education, the sciences, the arts, business, or sports, which have brought him or her national or international recognition.

In the specific case of the O-1A visa, it is intended only for persons possessing extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business and athletics, not including the arts, film and television industries, which pertain to the O-1B visa.

Am I eligible for an O-1A visa in the USA?

To work alongside an O1 visa lawyer and start your O visa application, it is first important to make sure you are eligible for the visa you need. For this, you will only need to have a petition for employment in the United States and comply with 3 specific aspects:

  • Have nationally or internationally recognized extraordinary ability in science, education, business or athletics.
  • To have some kind of achievement in the field to which he/she belongs, of those mentioned above, with the appropriate documentation to prove it.
  • Intend to come to the United States to continue working in the area in which he/she has achieved extraordinary ability.

If you comply with each of these aspects, then your petitioner may begin the application process for your O-1A visa, for which additional requirements must be met.

What are the requirements to apply for the O-1A Visa?

After you are certain that you are eligible to obtain your O-1A visa, you will now need to present some form of evidence that will allow you to demonstrate the legitimacy of the extraordinary abilities you have attained in the field to which you belong.

In this sense, you can show that you have received an important award, recognized nationally or internationally, such as a Nobel prize, or at least three of the following evidences:

  • Documentation showing that the beneficiary belongs to an association in the field in which he/she is engaged, which requests outstanding achievements from its members.
  • Specialized material published in major professional or trade media about the beneficiary’s outstanding work in the field to which he/she belongs.
  • Evidence of participation in professional panels in the field in which he/she works, either as a guest or as a judge.
  • Documentation demonstrating the contributions your work has made to the field to which you belong.
  • Evidence of professional or scholarly articles published in major journals or media.
  • Evidence that the beneficiary has been paid a high salary for the work performed or will be paid for services to be performed in the future. Contracts are valid in this case.

If you have at least 3 of these pieces of evidence in hand, you can then proceed with your petitioner to apply for the O-1A visa, so that he or she can work legally in the United States.

Our O1 visa lawyer can help you

If you have any questions about the application process for the O-1A visa, or any other type of visa for people with extraordinary ability, don’t hesitate to contact our O1 visa lawyer. You will receive the advice you need to obtain your visa quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let a mistake in your process keep you away from the opportunity to practice your profession in the USA! Schedule an appointment now and work hand in hand with an O1 visa lawyer who has achieved incredible results in O1 visa cases in the United States.


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