How to seek asylum in USA for a gay couple

The LGBT community has been the victim of discrimination and persecution for decades, and even today many countries criminalize the fact that a person can exercise their right to love freely. Did you know that you can achieve a much more peaceful and discrimination-free life in the United States? 

In this article we tell you how to seek asylum in USA for a gay couple.

According to the figures, every year the U.S. government receives thousands of asylum applications from members of the LGBT community, who are forced to leave their home countries because of the rejection and mistreatment they may be subjected to, simply because of their sexual orientation. 

Are you afraid to return to your country just for freely loving whoever you choose? If you think your life may be in danger because you want to live a happy life with the person you love, it is time to start taking action to achieve that life you dream so much. 

Our asylum lawyer has already worked with many asylum cases for a gay couple, achieving wonderful results for her clients. Schedule an appointment now and tell us about your case. You can be the next one to achieve a happy life, exercising your right to freely love whomever you choose.

Requirements to apply for asylum in the USA

Well, now that you have it clear and know that you can apply for asylum in the USA to live with your partner, surely you wonder what are the requirements with which you must meet to do so. Keep in mind that the mere fact of being persecuted for belonging to the LGBT community, opens the door to receive the status of asylee in the USA. 

In general, the main requirements that must be met in order to apply for asylum in the USA for a gay couple are: 

  • Form I-589 (for affirmative asylum cases) 
  • Be within one year of arrival in the United States 
  • Demonstrate the danger you may be in if you return to your country

If you meet each of these requirements, you should now simply get going to formally apply for asylum for a gay couple. 

Remember that, in order to have a better chance of receiving a positive response, it is ideal that you can count on the advice of an asylum lawyer, who will help you make the application without details that may distance you from receiving the asylum status you need. 

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How to seek asylum in USA for a gay couple?

Once you meet the requirements, the process you must follow to apply for asylum in the USA is very simple, and if you have the advice of an asylum lawyer, you will not have to worry about anything other than being very clear about the reasons of why you are applying for this status in the country.

The process to apply for asylum in the USA for a gay couple is:

Make the application using Form I-589

Please note that the information you place on this Form must be real and accurate. Any erroneous or false information may be sufficient reason to deny you asylum in the country. Just fill the requested information and all the necessary information to start the case. In this link you can see the offices to which you can send the Form.

You will receive notification for the asylum interview

Within a few days of sending your Form with the necessary information, you will receive a notification indicating the day you must appear for your asylum interview, as well as the address of the office to which you must go.

Attend to the asylum interview

As an applicant, you must attend with your partner the interview on the date that you have been established. Remember that in this interview, you must explain each of the reasons why your life is in danger when you return to your country, speaking with complete honesty. 

After this process, you will have to wait about 180 days for USCIS to finally make a decision on your case, and thus have the possibility of receiving asylee status in the USA to live freely with the person you love.

Our asylum lawyer can help you

The fact that you feel persecuted and harassed for loving the person you love does not have to become a normality for you. You, like anyone else in the world, have the right to decide about your love life and live peacefully without fear of being judged. Our asylum lawyer is here to help you. 

Schedule an appointment now to study the details of your case and begin the necessary steps to apply for asylum in the United States for you and your partner, because you both have the right to be happy together. Work with us and get the protection you need from the U.S. government.


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